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[edit] Usage

|name = 
|image = 
|imagecaption = 
|gender = 
|age = 
|voice = 
|family = 
|first appearance = 

[edit] Example

|name = Kyle Broflovski
|image = [[Image:Kyle.png]]
|imagecaption = Kyle
|gender = Male
|age = 9
|voice = Matt Stone
|family = [[Sheila Broflovski|Sheila]] (Mother)<br>[[Gerald Broflovski|Gerald]] (Father)<br>[[Ike Broflovski|Ike]] (Adoptive brother)
|first appearance = Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
Kyle Broflovski
Full Name Kyle Broflovski
Gender Male
Age 9
Voice Matt Stone
Family Members Sheila (Mother)
Gerald (Father)
Ike (Adoptive brother)
First Appearance Cartman Gets an Anal Probe