Super Fun Time


[edit] Episode Summary

When the grade 4 class goes on a field trip to Pioneer Village, Cartman doesn't have a partner to be with, and the last person without a partner is Butters, and they become partners. Mr. Garrison tells Butters NOT to let go to Cartman's hand, and he doesn't for the whole episode. After looking around the pioneer village for a little bit and deciding it is boring, Cartman spots a "Super Fun Time" place and decides to skip the field trip. Against Butters' will, they go. While they are away robbers (that robbed a burger king) come and hide out in the pioneer village, and keep everyone hostage except for two workers, Stan, Wendy, Kyle, and Jimmy that are inside one of the buildings. The two workers refuse to break character, and everything gets a lot more complicated because of that. They call the police, and then the robbers look for a way out.

Meanwhile when Butters and Cartman are done at Super Fun Time they notice all the cop cars around the pioneer village, and think that they are after them. So Cartman says if they sneak in, then they can pretend that they have been there the whole time. When they appear in front of one of the robbers, who they think is a cop, they talk about pioneer village and how fun it was. Then he tries to make them stop holding hands, but Butters won't let go, and swings Cartman at the robber, while he tries to shoot them and misses.

The robbers learn of a cave that they can escape from the cops in, but the workers at pioneer village will not break character, still thinking it is 1864, and say they don't know anything "about a fancy smancy door code".

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