Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset


[edit] Episode Information

[edit] Season 8
[edit] Episode 12
[edit] Original Air date: December 1st, 2004
Dog commits suicide

[edit] Plot

A new store is opened in the South Park Mall by every girl's idol, Paris Hilton. She enters on stage to open her store apologizing for being late, as she was partying with a lot of guys, while she coughs up semen. The curtains fall, and the name of the shop is 'Stupid Spoiled Whore'. All the women cheer, except for Wendy who doesn't understand why she is famous. The girls rush into the shop and find the new perfume 'Skanque'. Wendy is shocked and claims this shop is belittling to the female gender while the other girls accuse her of being lame. Paris Hilton leaves the town claiming to dress her depressed dog up while the phone rings. During this time the dog takes a gun and shoots itself in the head. Paris shouts "Another dog killed itself".

Wendy goes to her friends and they decide that they want to play 'Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset'. As Paris cries about her dog's death, she spots Butters playing outside, and wants him dressed in a bear suit as a pet.

Wendy then complains to her parents about whorish nature of Paris Hilton's store. Her father takes her down to the shop to complain but is seduced by two whores and ignores her daughter.

Sitting down to talk about Butters, she offers them $200,000,000 for him. They wait upstairs as his parents decide whether to accept the offer.

At school the next day, the girls are having a party and inviting lots of boys. They shout whorish things to the boys such as "I'd like to gargle his marbles". Cartman walks by but isn't invited and tells them to f**k off.

Butters parents return and want $250,000,000 which is immediately accepted. Butters decides to dig for coal in order to raise the money so he can stay with his parents.

At the party Cartman tries to get in by dressing up and claiming that girls such as 'Kelly Rutherfordmanskin' invited him, but he still doesn't get in. Wendy visits Mr. Slave so she can become a dirty whore but he tells her it isn't a good thing and rushes to stop the sex party.

During this time Paris Hilton becomes the owner of Butters, but when finding out about the other pets he run away. While Mr. Slave teaches the girls about Paris being a lowlife she stands behind him and challenges him to a whore-off.

Paris begins the 'whore-off' by having sex with 5 men but they aren't enough for her. She then reaches for a pineapple which she shoves up her anus. Mr Slvae begins his go by positioning Paris, taking down his pants and taking a run up. He then runs and jumps on top of Paris swallowing her with his anus.

Inside his body, Paris meets the Frog Prince [1] who advises her to reach for the small intestine and meet the sparrow king, just like Lemmiwinks.

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