Smug Alert!

[edit] Episode Summary

When Gerald (Kyle's dad) gets a Hybrid, he starts getting really full of himself, because he's helping the environment. He starts putting these little slips on cars he says are killing the environment, cars that aren't hybrids, and he makes Kyle help him. Everyone gets really mad at Gerald, because he's annoying them all about getting a Hybrid. So he decides to move his family to San Francisco. Stan is really upset about this, and Gerald tells him that if he can get South Park to start getting hybrids and helping the environment, then he will move the family back to South Park.

Stan makes a song, and it gets put on the radio, and it makes all of South Park want to get a hybrid car. Soon enough, all of South Park is extremely smug about themselves because they have all started buying Hybrid cars.

Meanwhile the Broflovskis are in San Francisco, and everything is so polluted there. Gerald is enjoying himself with all the smug people that feel good about themselves, and they all enjoy the smell of their farts. Their kids however all do drugs to get over their parents being so smug.

Stan learns of a massive storm that could knock out South Park, that is caused by everyone being so smug. All the smug from San Francisco, and the new smug from South Park are fusing together, with Bill Clooney's acceptance awards as well. Everyone distroys their hybrids and buckles down for the storm. After the storm, all of San Fransisco is destroyed, and South Park is heavily damaged.

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