Lice Capades


[edit] Episode Summary

At the beginning of the episode, Ms. Garrison tells the kids that there has been a lice issue in another school, and that there will be lice checks for all of the students. Clyde goes in and discovers that he has lice, and there is a world of lice on top of his head. One of the lice, Travis, is walking out on Clyde's head one day, and sees the the lice checker's gigantic eye, and runs back to warn the other people, that the earth is angry at them. He tells them that they've gone to far, and can't keep hurting the earth, but no one believes him.

Clyde is given some lice medicine, that should kill every one of the lice. When he applies it in the shower, the lice start playing in the rain. But then the green liquid starts to come over the ground, and kills a great number of them. There are only a few lice left, including the vice-president (who earlier ignored Travis' warning), Travis, his baby, and a few other lice. Clyde tells them that still have a chance if they go out to the forbidden zone (exposed skin), and the other lice are very reluctant to go. Only three lice go; Travis (and his baby), the Vice President, and a female lice. Once they get the the forbidden zone, the Vice President kills the female (a lice gun apparently), and Travis and the VP start talking a bit. He injures Travis, points at the ground, shoots, and says "wouldn't the world react if I did this?", and right then Clyde picks up the VP and throw's him off the head. A fly comes and takes Travis to another lice location, where they have lived for years.

Meanwhile, in the human world, after Clyde is told he has lice, he gets prescribed a shampoo that should kill them all. The next day at school, Cartman is asking Mr. Garrison who was the one who had lice. He refuses to tell, and they try and figure out who had it. Cartman does a little experiment, he takes blood from each student, and the person who had lice, their blood would jump in the air when heated. When Cartman does it on Kenny's blood, it jumps in the air. They all go to gang up on Kenny, when Ms. Garrison tells them that they all had lice.

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