Imaginationland Part II


[edit] Episode Summary

After the terrorists blew up the barrier that keeps out all of the evil characters, all of the evil characters come out. The mayor gets killed, and Butters tries to get to Castle Sunshine along with Snarf, and the Lollipop King. They run from several characters, until they finally reach Castle Sunshine, where Butters talks to the council of elders about not being an imaginary character.

The government is trying to get answers out of Stan and Kyle, how to get a portal that they made to get to the imaginationland, to work. They tell them about the song, and once they sing it, they open the portal. Cartman breaks through a window and gets in, and Kyle goes to suck his balls. But they are interrupted, when someone comes in telling them that something important is happening. The government sent troops into the Imagionationland to try and stop the terrorist attack, but they all got killed by woodland critters. Then Manbearpig comes through the portal, and kills a bunch of people, and Kyle is killed as well, but then Cartman brings him back to life...

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