[edit] Episode Summary

When Mrs. Garrison comes into the fourth grade classroom, he is all upset, and going on about how he doesn't like men. He assigns them all a major assignment, telling them if they do not do it they will fail the grade. The boys try and get some Mexicans to do the assignment for them.

When Mrs. Garrison goes over to Curves to work out, she meets someone named Allison and they talk about how they don't like men. One thing leads to another, and Allison invites Mrs. Garrison to a girl bar called "Les Bos" (pronounced Le Bo). When Mrs. Garrison goes in, she realizes that it is a lesbian bar. Allison seduces Mrs. Garrison and they get together. Apparently now Mrs. Garrison is a lesbian.

With Mrs. Garrison really happy now that she has discovered her new found sexuality, she doesn't collect the assignments. However now persians have bought Les Bos, and Mrs. Garrison and the other lesbians stick up for their beloved bar.

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