Conjoined Fetus Lady

Episode 2.5 of South Park.

When Kyle is injured from playing dodgeball he is sent to the school nurse, Nurse Gollum. He has heard stories about her and is terrified of her. She looks perfectly normal.. except for the dead fetus which is attached to her head. Kyle's mom over hears Cartman, Stan and Kenny joking about the nurse's conjoined fetus. She feels compelled to educate the boys on conjoined twin myslexia and raise awareness about the condition in South Park, despite the fact that the nurse is perfectly happy as she is. The Mayor makes a conjoined twin myslexia week in South Park to try and raise awareness, and holds a parade just for Nurse Gollum. The nurse is very unhappy with this and at the end of the episode calls the people in the town 'freaks' for highlighting her condition and making her feel so different.

The South Park Cows dodgeball team (coached by Chef) win their dodgeball match in Denver and advance to the State Championships in Washington. The Cows automatically win the match as Washitngton forfeit so they don't have to face China in the World Championships. The boys are shocked to hear that only four members of the American team survived facing China the year before and don't want to play. Chef makes the boys play and after most of the team get badly injured he realises his mistake and appoligises to the team. Pip is the only player left standing and when the Chinese start making fun of him and calling him French. Pip gets so angry he throws a shot so powerful it wipes the whole China team out. No one in the team cares, they just focus on going home.

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