Cartman Sucks


[edit] Episode Summary

Cartman has Butters over every night for a sleepover, so that he can take embarrassing pictures of him and keep it in a scrapbook. One evening he has Kenny Stan and Kyle over, and is showing them to him. Cartman is planning to have him over again, and Cartman is going to do his worst to Butters, the most embarrassing picture that he's ever took. When Cartman shows up at the bus stop the next day, with his super embarrassing picture of Butters, he shows them the picture of Butters' penis in Cartman's mouth. Stan Kyle and Kenny accuse Cartman of being gay, and not Butters. They tell him that the only way that he can cancel it out, his to get Butters to put Cartman's penis in his mouth.

Cartman gets Butters tricked into putting his penis into Butters' mouth, and Butter's dad walks in on them, and Cartman quickly runs away, ignored by Butters' dad. He accuses Butters of being bi-curious, and Butters has no idea about what he means, and he is curious over what it means, so he agrees that he is curious. They decide to send Butters to a camp, sort of like a cleansing camp, where there are actual people who are bi-curious.

Cartman thinks that if no one knows about him putting Butters' penis in his mouth, then he won't be considered gay. Until Kyle says that they know, and all the people they tell will know. Kyle agrees not to tell anyone, as long as Cartman is super nice to them all of the time. Then Cartman says that's not possible, and said that he'd go home and photoshop Kyle's face onto the picture, so it would look like it was him. Cartman can't find the picture, and accuses Kyle of stealing it.

Butters finds bi-curious camp a little confusing, and meets a lot of the other bi-curious kids. When they are listening to one of the camp councillors speaking, he introduces someone who has been turned straight by the camp, and talks to them about it. When a councillor finds a mens underwear magazine in Butters' room, and his "accountabilibuddy" admits it was him. He then tries to kill himself.

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