With Apologies to Jesse Jackson


Episode Summary

When Randy (Stan's father) is on Wheel of Fortune, the hint is "people who annoy you" and the letters that are there are N_GGERS. Unfortunately, instead of saying naggers, which would have won him the money, he says the offensive variant. It was broadcast live and everyone was watching.

At school Stan is talking to Cartman Kenny and Kyle, and they're talking about it, and Cartman says he watched it many times afterwards on Youtube. But Cartman tell Stan to watch out for Token, the black child. When Stan goes up to ask if he was watching it that night, and Token says he was, with his whole family. When Stan apologizes, and tries not to make a big deal out of it, Token says it is a big deal, and that Stan doesn't understand. Stan tries to tell him that it was a mistake, and that his dad isn't racist, he's just stupid, but Token still thinks it is a huge deal.

Meanwhile, Randy doesn't fit in anywhere, because everyone is calling him a nigger guy. He goes to a comedy club, and the comedian is black, and makes fun of Randy for saying nigger on national television, and calls him a nigger guy. When Randy goes to buy something at a convenient store, the person at the cash tells him that nigger guys are not welcome here. While walking home, a few rednecks corner him and say that they don't take kindly to his kind of folk. Then a few other people show up, ones that have said nigger in jokes, and on TV, also known as other nigger guys. They together try and go to court and ban the word "Nigger Guy" from being said.

Meanwhile, there is a guest speaker at the school, a midget, to talk about tolerance. When he appears in front of the school, Cartman bursts out laughing, and laughs for about 2 minutes. He makes jokes and such, and just can't stop laughing. Whenever Cartman sees the midget, he bursts out laughing, and when they take him to the Principal's office, the little person swears at Cartman. Cartman ends up fighting the midget, and Stan apologizes to Token, and he accepts it, because Stan finally says that he doesn't understand what it means to be called a nigger.

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