The Ungroundable

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==Episode Summary

Butters comes in and tells the boys that there are vampires in the school, and he doesn't know what to do. None of the other boys care as they are playing computer games, so Cartman tells him to go document the vampires. Butters goes into the gym and tapes some of the kids that are dressing up as vampires, only to have them find him out and ask him what he is doing. Butters runs away.

Meanwhile the goth kids are upset over the fact that the vampire kids are dressing like them, and people are starting to refer to the goth kids as vampires, which they are upset about. They find it stupid how the vampires don't even smoke, or drink coffee. The goth kids keep on having the vampires go where they go, and do what they do.

Butters gets yelled at by his dad, and he comes to the conclusion that vampires can do whatever they want. He decides that he will be a vampire so that he can do whatever he wants. Butters approaches the vampire kids and asks them if he can be one of them. He becomes a vampire by drinking tomato juice, and going to the store Hot Topic to get darker clothes. His parents are furious with him when he gets home, but he ignores them, and his parents are wondering what they'll have to do.

Butters is finding that he doesn't like being a vampire, and with he could be "normal" again. The goth kids are wondering how to bring down the vampires as well, so Butters tells them what to do. Butters and the Vampire kids all go to the Hot Topic and burn it down, and the vampires "go back to normal".

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