The Return of Chef!

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In this episode Chef comes back from the "Super Adventure Club", and is acting weird.Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny decide to get to the bottom of it.


Chef signs up and joins the Super Adventure Club, because he feels his life is dull. A couple of months later Chef returns with a different, or higher voice. Only the children notice it.

Next, at school Clyde walks up to the boys and tells them Chef wants to have sex with him. The boys approach Chef and he asks them to make love to him. A councilor comes in to question the boys if Chef sexually harassed them, and hilariously uses a doll to demonstrate sexual harassment.

The boys take him to a strip club, and Chef falls for an obese black woman dancing. Chef then snaps out of the mind control, and is hit by tranquilizer darts. Back at the Super Adventure Club HQ, the club tells the boys that their founder would go around the world and have sex with children. This made him immortal, until he was hit by a train. The club trys to make the boys leave, but they escape and try to free Chef, and succeed. While they're crossing the bridge, Chef turns back and decides to join the Club willingly, because he thinks his life is still boring and bland. Halfway across the bridge a lightning bolt strikes, and Chef falls and gets attacked by a wild bear(and a lion), and dies. The boys return home, sad of their friends death.

The ending shows Chef in a Darth Vader like suit, telling the club to suck his balls. This might be an opening for South Park to reintroduce Chef if the voice actor decides to come back.

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