The China Probrem

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|title = The China Probrem
|title = The China Probrem
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|image = [[Image:China probrem.jpg|thumb]]
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|imagecaption =

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Cartman keeps having dreams of the Chinese, and is terrified of them. He is convinced that they are going to invade America. He gets Butters to go with him, and dress up as chinese, into a P.F. Changs restaurant and ask some Chinese people what the plans to take over America are. When they are asked to leave the restaurant, the boys take the restaurant hostage.

Meanwhile Kyle and the other boys are upset with the latest Indiana Jones movie. Kyle keeps having nightmares about it, and how George Lucas and Steven Speilburg raped the movie. The boys go to an attorney to try and get the movie producers arrested for ruining the Indiana Jones series. After the attorney says no, they decide to go to the police, and they vow to help them take down the movie producers. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are found raping Star Wars characters in their mansion.

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