Sexual Healing

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Episode Information

Season 14
Episode 1

Original Air date: March 17, 2010


Tiger Woods PGA Tour's new game.
The episode begins at Windermere, Florida in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning 2009 inside the home of golfing legend: Tiger Woods. He and his wife appear to be having a violent argument in which Mrs. Woods is attempting to his Tiger with one of his golfing clubs because of his extramarital affairs. He escapes the house, climbs into his car and drives off, which is when the shot pans out and Cartman and Kenny are seen playing out the argument on the new edition of the EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Stan and Kyle soon join the boys.

The board of experts
The scene cuts to a conference room with "the best minds our country has to offer" in which the question is asked: 'Why are rich successful men suddenly going out and trying to have sex with lots of woman?'. The conclusion comes to the answer of an outbreak of "sex addiction": a new condition which makes people (men in particular) think about sex all the time and dream about having more than one sexual partner. Health screenings are demanded in all of the nations schools to find out if any young people are carrying the disease.

A suggestive picture and a set of questions are asked to the fourth-grade class to determine if they have sex addiction. Butters and Kenny become unsettled amongst the group and after not being able to answer what colour the handkerchief was in the ladies hand, Kyle and the other two boys are told they have the addiction.

14 1 3.jpg
The scientist who tested the children for the condition takes the three boys into a side room and tells them of their not-too-distant fate. This leads to a discussion about auto erotic asphyxiation, and in a later scene, Kenny is found in his room by his mother having died of the act while dressed as Batman.

During his funeral, Butters has an outburst about the bush in the cemetery likening it to that of the "bush" in the picture shown to him in the classroom. Kyle has to pull him away from the bush and the two have a small brawl as Butters tries to get back to the bush.

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