Night of the Living Homeless

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[edit] Episode Summary

When Stan Kenny Kyle and Cartman go to the court to play basketball, it is littered with homeless people. Kyle feels bad for them, and Cartman tells them to go away. Cartman agrees to do something for them, to jump over a homeless person with his skateboard. Everyone is crediting Kyle for his idea to go over the homeless.

Meanwhile, the city council is talking about what to do about this recent homeless problem. A few ideas are thrown around, like giving them designer sleeping bags, or turning them into tires to use on a car, but then the homeless advisor tells them not to give them anything, because their could be more.

Kyle feels bad for a homeless person, and gives him $20. The homeless person just takes it, and asks for more, but Kyle doesn't have any more money. The next day the homeless are teaming around Kyle's house because he gave one $20. When there are so many homeless people that it becomes a major problem, Randy and some other people run on top of the community center roof. Soon enough the homeless are all over the city causing a massive problem.

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