Major Boobage

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[edit] Episode Summary

When Mr. Mackey tells the fourth grade class about how some kids are getting high by choking themselves, and right away, Kenny starts choking himself in the classroom. When Butters says that his cousin in Florida got high off of cat pee, they all question it, and Mr. Mackey explains how it isn't cat pee, but something in it.

Cartman finds his cat and ties him up in a little thing, so that when the cat sees a picture of another cat, it will pee right in Kenny's face. When he pees in Kenny's face, Kenny totally flips out and gets really high. When he is really high he sees everything with boobs on it, in a boob kingdom. When they wake Kenny up from his high state he is taking his pants off and running around town.

When Gerald (Kyle's dad) sees on TV about kids over America "cheesing" (sniffing cat pee), they go to the town hall and decide to put a ban on cats for anyone in South Park. So government people come and take everyone's cats away. Cartman starts hiding his cat up in his attic, so they won't take him away, sort of like people hiding Jews from the Nazis in World War II.

When Kenny starts missing a lot of school, they get really nervous for him, because they know he is probably home cheesing. They go to his house and find him "cheesed out of his mind" as Butters says, and they start to try and get Kenny off of cheesing.

When Cartman is hiding his cat in the attic, another stray cat is on the street, and Cartman decides to take him in too. He has a whole big collection of cats now he is hiding from the police, until Kenny finds them...

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