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[edit] Episode Summary

When the episode starts, Cartman and the other fourth grade boys are looking for a leprechaun. Cartman is convinced that he saw one, and if he can prove it to Kyle, Kyle will have to suck his balls. They actually do find the leprechaun, and over the next two episodes Cartman only cares about Kyle sucking his balls. When they catch the leprechaun, it warns them of a terrorist attack and then leaves.

The next day when Kyle is playing with Stan, Butters, and Jimmy, an odd man shows up and asks them if they've seen the leprechaun. When they tell him that they did see the leprechaun, he tells them to come with him, to Imaginationland. After Butters asks him if he'll rape them, they go in his flying boat and he sings them the imagination song, and they go off to Imaginationland. When they get there, they see many different imaginary things that people have thought up. They are about to tell the imagination people about the leprechaun, when there is a terrorist attack that kills many of them. Stan, Kyle, and Jimmy escape on a dragons back, unfortunately leaving Butters behind.

Meanwhile, when Kyle refuses to suck Cartman's balls, he goes to court, and Kyle gets a court order to suck Cartman's balls. When Kyle goes to suck his balls, he is taken away by the government to help them with the imagination terrorist attack.

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