Eek, a Penis!

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[edit] Episode Summary

Mr. Garrison realized that having a sex change was the wrong choice for him, and he wants to be a man again. He is really moody with everyone after the doctor tells him that he cannot go back to be a man, until he is watching TV and reads something about growing body parts on mice and then transplanting them onto people. He goes to the lab to see if they can make a penis, and they make one for him. But he accidentally lets the mouse out and for most of the episode he is trying to find it. Whenever a woman sees the mouse with a penis growing on its back, the women scream out "Eek, a Penis!".

Meanwhile, Cartman is the teacher for the day when Mr. Garrison leaves, and everyone gets perfect on the test because he lets them all cheat. The principal is impressed with them all getting perfect, so she asks him if he wants to go teach in a Denver school with troubled students, and he accepts. He dresses up as a Mexican man and teaches them all that the only way to pass is to cheat.

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