Breast Cancer Show Ever

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Episode Summary

The episode starts out with Wendy giving a presentation to the 4th grade class about Breast Cancer awareness. Cartman mocks the presentation, making Breast Cancer not seem like a big problem. Cartman keeps harassing Wendy about it, and Wendy tells him she is going to beat him up after school. Cartman is scared that if he loses the other boys will constantly harass him about it, so he tries to stop the fight by talking to Wendy. She tells him the only way that she won't fight him is if he says it to all his other peers that he forfeits to Wendy. Cartman is growing increasingly nervous, so to avoid the fight, he gets detention after school by taking a crap on the teacher's desk. Wendy tells Cartman that she will fight him the next day before school.

That night, Cartman goes with his mom to Wendy's house to talk to her parents about her bullying him. Wendy's parents tell her that if she does fight Cartman before school, and bully him, that it is over for her. The next day Cartman reads his report to the class about Breast Cancer, and mocks it horribly.

Wendy gets called to the Principal's office, and Principal Victoria tells her that she herself is a breast cancer survivor. The principal gives Wendy a speech, which makes her fueled for fighting Cartman, which she does after school.

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