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[edit] Episode Summary

This episode is based on Obama's victory in the 2009 election. The episode starts with all of the Obama suporters, including Randy, partying in the streets because he won. The McCain supporters, however, are freaking out and looking for somewhere to be safe in fear of Obama's plans, or killing themselves.

Obama and McCain talk about how they weren't really running to be president, but just to have access to a safety tunnel that only the president would have access to, which goes right under a museum that has a very valuable jewel. Other people who were supporting them and helping them run just to get access to the jewel are Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin, who is portrayed as incredibly smart. After Obama gets access to the tunnel, he steals the jewel. In the end of the episode, instead of going off to live in another country, Obama says he'll be president for a while, and Michelle Obama says she'd be First Lady.

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