The Snuke


[edit] Episode Summary

When a muslim student arrives at South Park, Cartman is curious that he might be a terrorist. He phones Kyle, who is ill, to search Bahir's Myspace page, and its not what it seems. The school is evacuated after Cartman rings the police alerting them of possible terrorist threat. Cartman asks Kyle to look up the calender of events for South Park. He finds out that there is a Hilary Clinton Campaign Rally in town. After having a strange call with the President, security is heightened at the rally. One of Hilary's bodyguards is actually a terrorist himself, and alerts his comrades about the bomb. Cartman was wrong about Bahir but right about terrorists!

They send the bomb sniffing pig throught the crowds, to find that the terrorists have put a nuke up Hilary's snatch, known as a Snuke. Cartman goes to Bahirs home and gets the CIA to arrest his parents, because Bahir is not there. Cartman's interrogation involved apple juice farts. Meanwhile, CIA take over Kyle's house as a station, but then other known spy companies come in and argue over control. Kyle and Stan discover the location of the terrorists. Meamwhile, Cartmans finds out Bahirs location, he's at Butters. But both Bahir and Cartman get captured by the terrorists.

Cartman realises the true plan, the Russians are creating a diversion nuke so that the British can attack. The CIA invade the terrorist HQ, but they may be out of time as they've only got 3 minutes until the bomb goes off. The power cuts and when it comes back on, the detonator has been reset! The CIA kill the terrorists, bomb the British and stop the timer.

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