Le Petit Tourette


[edit] Episode Summary

While in the toy store Eric encounters another child which suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. So he can blurt out cuss words freely, Eric claims to have tourette's by faking it.

Once coming back to school, Kyle instantly accuses Cartman of faking his illness. After the annoyances in lessons, Kyle decides to complain to Principal Victoria while a tourette's counselor is visiting. Due to his accusations, Kyle is forced to go to a tourette's tolerance center.

Cartman wants to publicize tourette's syndrome by writing to Dateline with Chris Hansen. When there, he plans to speak his mind about the Jews, but suddenly blurts out "I wet my bed at night", while talking to Kyle. His truthful shout-outs become more frequent and unnerves Eric. Not wanting to appear on national television and embarrass himself, he try's to cancel the show. To intimidate Eric, Chris Hansen tells the story of when they tracked a pedophile who didn't want to go on the show, and ended up shooting himself. He tells Cartman that "It'd be a shame if we had to track you down and you, 'shot yourself'".

Cartman prays to God, and forgives for faking his tourette's and asks him for a miracle. Luckily Kyle encourages dozens of pedophiles to turn up at the Dateline show, and commit suicide in the audience, which ruins the show.

Cartman thinks this means,Kyle truly cares about Eric, and he runs off singing, "I've got a Golden Ticket".

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