Imaginationland Part III

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Al Gore is watching a tape from when ManBearPig comes out of the barrier and kills a bunch of people, and he sees manbearpig. He tells some people about it, and he goes to alert the American people about it. You see Kyle in the hospital, and he can hear Stan in his head, Stan is in imaginationland. When Cartman comes in to try and get Kyle to suck his balls, he tells Kyle that Stan has been sucked through the portal.

Al Gore brings it to the American public that Imaginationland has been under a terrorist attack, and the Head of the Pentagon says that they have to nuke Imaginationland.

When the lion tells Butters that if he imagines things, then they will be real in the Imaginationland. So he tries to imagine Santa, and his dad comes up and tells him he is grounded. Butters is having trouble imagining Santa.

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