Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride


[edit] Episode Information

[edit] Season: 1
[edit] Episode: 4
[edit] Original Airdate:September 3rd 1997

[edit] Plot

Kyles gets a new pet dog named Sparky, but when it seems to show an attraction to other male dogs, it is thought to be a homosexual.

At the time there is a big football match between the South Park Cows and Middle Park. Jimbo goes to the bookie to bet $500 on the South Park Cows, claiming that his nephew Stan is the best quarterback the school has ever seen. This encourages other betters to join in the wager, and blaming Jimbo if anything goes wrong.

To make sure The Cows win, Jimbo plans to plant a bomb which will detonate and kill middle parks' mascot. It will explode when John Stamos' brother Richard reaches the high F in the song "Loving You".

Ashamed of being gay Sparky runs away from Stan into the wilderness, and eventually finds Big Gay Al', Big Gay Animal Sanctuary and is accepted.

Worried about his dog, Stan misses the crucial football match to find him. He eventually finds him in Big Gay Al's animal sanctuary. To teach Stan about homosexuality, Al takes him on a boat ride. He talks about gayness through time and Stan finally accepts his dog's homosexuality.

During the half-time Richard Stamos fails to reach the high F it ruins the chance of winning the game. Stan arrives at the last minute to play and the game ends, South Park Cows 6 - 73 Middle Park.

The overall morale of the story is that being gay is ok.

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