The List

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[edit] Episode Summary

Most of the boys in the class are eating lunch at a table, and Butters comes in and tells them of a list that he found out about, a list made by the girls that ranks the cutest boys to the least cutest boys. They set out to get the list and read it. They try once and fail, and after learning that girls don't have balls, they set out again to try and get the list. Once they get the list, they take it to the bathroom and read it. After Kyle learns that he is last on the list, he gets depressed, and starts hanging out with all of the ugly kids (as is Cartman's suggestion) so he won't seem as ugly. Soon enough he wants to burn down the school, because he is ugly.

Meanwhile, Stan goes to Wendy to try and change the list because he is worried about Kyle and feels bad for him, so Wendy takes him to one of her girl list making meetings. When Wendy brings it up, they say that they won't re-submit the list. Wendy asks everyone who they voted for on the list, and finds that something was wrong with it in the first place, exposing why and the reasons for it.

Also in this episode, Stan and Wendy get back together, and Kenny gets killed again, just like old episodes.

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The List

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