The Death of Eric Cartman

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[edit] Episode Information

Cartman eating chicken skins
[edit] Season 9
[edit] Episode 6
[edit] Original Air date: April 13th 2005

[edit] Plot

The episode begins with all the boys waiting for Stan's' mother to return home with Kentucky Fried Chicken. After the grueling wait, she comes back but asks the boys to bring the shopping in before they can start. Eric sneakily persuades them to all to all do it and it will take less time. So as they walk to the bags, Eric goes to the chicken and begins to eat all the skin off the chicken. As the other three boys return Cartman begins to leave telling them he's going sitting on the toilet reading comic books. Kenny starts to cry as Eric leaves.

The next day at the bus stop the three boys decide that they won't talk to him or acknowledge him. Cartman arrives soon after and the boys begin to ignore and talk about different things as Cartman is talking. Cartman becomes scared begging for their attention as the bus arrives, and he tells himself that he is dead. Cartman runs home to see two men hauling a small box out of the house and hears wailing from his mum's room, when in fact it is a toilet, and his mother is having sex with the removal man.

At school the three boys tell the others about their plan and they all join in too. The only boy who doesn't know about the plan is Butters and he thinks he can see ghosts. When Cartman tells him he's actually dead, Butters freaks out and believes he is being haunted. He tells his parents "I see dead people", referencing 'The Sixth Sense', but then his father tells him that he should really be afraid of 'super'aids'.

Cartman pretends to haunt Butters in his dreams with chains, but after he calms down Cartman tells him of his plan to get into heaven. He must find closure with his friends and family through Butters. So he goes to his friends and family with Butters asking for forgiveness. But he still does not go to hell. To get into heaven he knows that he must send a fruit basket to everyone he has done a bad thing to. But he still doesn't go to heaven and trashes Butters room in anger. After telling his parents that a ghost did it, he is admitted to an insane asylum, but Cartman breaks him out.

A psychic tells them that he must do something for a divine reason, when the news comes on telling them that there are hostages in a pharmacy. Eric goes thinking he is invisible and pretends to haunt the bad guys to distract them. At this time Butters frees the hostages.

After seeing what Cartman did Kyle, Kenny and Stan believe he has changed and Eric realizes he is still alive. Cartman declares he will get Butters back for not telling him he is alive.

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