Elementary School Musical

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[edit] Episode Summary

Everyone in the school is crazy about the movie High School Musical 3, and songs break out at random moments. The boys don't know much about the new fad, so they decide to watch the High School Musical movie. After watching the movie, they decide that they want nothing to do with the fad and won't get into in no matter what.

Meanwhile Stan's girlfriend Wendy is taken by the whole fad, and Stan fears that she is starting to like the best singer and dancer in the school, Bridon Gueermo. Stan tries to get Bridon out of the High School Musical fad, and into basketball. Bridon secretly admits to Stan that he doesn't like theatre, and does want to join basketball, but his dad is making him do theatre. So when Bridon won't join the basketball team, Stan calls child services on Bridon's dad, but he slaps them away.

Bridon is going to run away, but his dad confronts him. He punches his dad, and so does his mom. The next day Bridon plays in a basketball game, and his dad finds himself excited by the cheering, and allows him to play. Stan decides that to get Wendy back, he needs to dress up with the fad and sing. He and the boys do a big song, and all of the other children decide to leave and go cheer on Bridon at the game, not sing and dance.

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