Canada on Strike

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[edit] Episode Summary

On Canada Appreciation Day the world doesn't respect Canada, and Canada goes on strike to get more money. Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman however are dissapointed because their favourite TV show (Terrance and Phillip) is Canadian, and there are only re-runs playing with Canada being on strike, and they don't want to resort to watching American Television, so they decide to try to help. They learn that Canada wants money, and Canada says that they want some of the internet money, and the gang decides to make a music video of Butters singing "what what in the butt" to earn money. They go to try to get money for it and they find other popular internet people, like Chris Crocker, Chocolate Rain Guy, and the Over Dramatic Gopher. All of the internet stars get in a huge fight over who was the best, and its pretty epic.

Once they get their money, they go and try to give it to Canada, but they won't accept it because it isn't real. Meanwhile Kyle's younger brother Ike is standing outside with a "Honk if you Support Canada" sign.

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